Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Thoughts: Sephora Make Up Artist Brush Set

I have been eyeing this brush set for a couple of years now! Originally priced well over $200, I could never find any means of justifying purchasing it until I saw Sephora's End Of Summer Sale. This brush set which has 15 brushes was on sale for $99! That was $6.60 per brush! With that being said it was while supplies lasted and they sold out like hotcakes! (Sadly!) They still have other brushes on sale so be sure to check it out here!

If you saw in my previous post I got a new camera and my first use for it should  be a vid doing a mini review for the brushes! It would mean a lot if you could give me feedback whether good or bad (though maybe not be  too mean for the bad hahaha)!

*Note the photos below were taken with my iPhone

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Morning

You came in with the breeeeeeeze on Sunday morning. You sure have changed since yesterday, without any warning.

Can anyone guess those lyrics?

If you guessed No Doubt you are correct! Hands down my fav song from them and that's kind of a hard choice since they're all so damn good. Anyone excited for their new album like I am!? Hell yeah!

Anyhoo I am sitting on my sofa curled up under blankets because it is pretty darn cold! Well at least for September.  Jeezus!

Oh I got a new "toy" will which encourage me to take prettier pictures for my blog and try to do more Youtube vids as well. So be prepared! ;D

Isn't she purrrtyyy? :D

In theme of all my ramblings of this morning, I have been tagged numerous times in Liebster/Versatile Blog awards and recently was tagged by Plumi and decided to do this again. Cuz I'm bored. Ya know. LOL.  You can read my last post about this here.

Here are Plumi's questions:

1. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?
oh boy (no pun intended), I would....I honestly don't know. It doesn't appeal to me to do anything that makes guys stand apart  from women ( i.e pee standing up with their junk hanging out, have sex with a woman, etc etc). So I'd probably do the same shit I do as a woman LOL.

2. If you could have any super power, what would it be? 
Flying. Or telekinesis cuz I'm lazy haha. (Remember Prue from Charmed? So badass)

3. Would you rather be too hot, or too cold? 
Too hot. Then I could go swimming! ^__^

4. Who is your role model? And why?
I would say my dad first off. And then Audrey. I like thinking in the way of "What would Audrey do?"

5. If you could invite any 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be?
hmmm. All the crazy dead artists/writers from the 20s. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, and Salvador Dali. It would be a cohesive group of people and I'm sure it would be a rockin' dinner party!

6. Are you a morning person, or a night person?
Night for sure

7. If you could go back, to one moment in your life, what would it be?
I can't say. I try to keep moving forward. Probably with a deceased relative. Grandma, grandpa, etc.

8. What is your current favourite song? 
Refer to title...jk. Ummmm currently, I would say Isabella of Castile by Starfucker.

9. Would you rather eat poo flavoured chocolate, or chocolate flavoured poo? (courtesy of my lovely brother >_<) 
Poo flavored chocolate. It's just the flavor right so it doesn't actually have poo right?? LOL

10. What part of you do you find the most attractive?
Uhhh. My bum. I have a pretty decent bum, LOL.

11. What is your ringtone?
Standard iPhone ringtone that I am too lazy to change...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: NARS Sheer Matte Foundation

You know that feeling you get when you buy a foundation and you're like OMG, this is some Holy Frackin' Grail Shizzit right here?? Well yeah... I am TOTALLY infatuated borderline obsessed with this beau.

I have a love/hate thing with finding THE perfect foundation. The first obstacle when you're on the hunt for something new is finding the perfect shade. I can be lucky with this part, being both neutral and light, as most shades will cater to my skin whether be it more pink or more yellow. However some of the "neutral" shades never are quite neutral enough for me. Deauville is just that for me. It has a balance of pink and yellow... leaning a little more yellow (which I like) and matching my skin tone perfectly.

Once you find a close to perfect shade, you next try to find the right amount of coverage... Is it light enough? Is it buildable? Is it going to make my skin look like actual skin still? You know what I mean. The title for this foundation is self explanatory, it has sheer coverageIt's what I want from a tinted moisturizer but never quite get, that light airy feeling without caking up when my skin gets oily later through the day. Sheer Matte is also buildable. While it's not going to cover my acne perfectly, it does a damn good job with the acne scars. But hey a little concealer for that and I am good. It dries matte but still looks like my skin. I do get a bit of shine throughout the day but the foundation itself doesn't separate like others have. 

 For the time being, this is the closest foundation to perfection. Perfect match, perfect feeling, perfect coverage.... oh and did I mention, this stuff will stick to your face for all you oily gals who hate when your makeup melts off? Yeah it's perfect for that too. 

My ONLY drawback? It doesn't come with a pump! Forreals NARS? I just shucked out $42 on this and you're gonna make me pay an extra $6 for a pump (which I have yet to get because Sephora doesn't carry it....GO FIGURE). In the meantime I have been divvying it out with a q-tip. *sigh* 

*(Another detail which I'm not sure where to insert): I haven't tried the Sheer Glow foundation, so I have no idea what that one is like or how it compares to Sheer Matte ^_^;

Here it is compared to some concealers and foundations that I own. As you can see the shade is very different compared to the two Makeup Forever foundations and looking at swatches of other shades from both MUFE lines, I find this NARS shade to be very unique.

Have you guys found any new "HG" foundations? Lemme know in a comment below :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sephora Haul!

OK, so the actual haul isn't that big, I technically purchased 4 things and got some freebies. With that being said.... the star of the show, the main event, the cherry on frackin' top is a little big and I'll save that one item for an upcoming post! Without further ado here is what I got!

Can you guess which bad boy I am saving for my next post??
If you guessed the Sephora Makeup Artist Starter Set guessed correctly! This bad boy needs its own dedicated post!

 sample size of Makeup Forever's lipstick in N45 (a shiny red)

Buxom Cream Lipgloss in White Russian

This lipgloss does have a tingling effect like their lip plumpers but I honestly don't see a difference in "plumpness" of my lips.

I got this Contouring brush on sale for $5! What a steal!

Compared to my other contour brushes: Top: Mac 165 (LE) / Middle: Real Techniques Contouring Brush / Bottom: Sephora's Contouring Brush

***So I began writing an essay on the NARS Sheer Matte foundation pictured above in the box....but I think I'll write an entire review separately from this post, so keep an eye out for it!***


Friday, September 7, 2012

Sephora's End Of Summer Sale..

Be sure to check it out! There are some awesome deals for the Sephora brush line including a brush belt set with 15 of their professional brushes for $99! That's a little over $6 a brush! I *may* have purchased the brush roll with a couple other things as well and will do an upcoming post reviewing them as soon as I get the package! I wanted to share with you the awesome deal before it ends! And if you're a VIB try using this 10% off coupon when you check out: V436CB.

There are more brushes on sale which is making me wonder if Sephora is going to be changing their brush line....we shall see! <3

*screenshot from Sephora's website