Friday, August 24, 2012

Blog Sale Haul

Another belated post here! 

Awhile back I purchased a few things from a couple different blog sales. The first purchase was from Sam from Her blog itself is more of a personal one but I follow her on her Youtube channel where she has beauty related videos. My second purchase was from Christina of Both sellers were awesome. There was a slight mishap with Christina, but she quickly resolved the issue. I would recommend both if interested!

Without further ado here is what I got!

Purchased from Sam:

I have always wanted to try Cargo blushes, and when I saw Sam had a blush and a bronzer I knew I wanted to snag them! The shade Mendocino is the gorgeous plum color (though it's showing up more red on camera)  with the slightest golden shimmer. I love the color and the formula and the packaging. It rivals with NARS for my love of blushes, I do think I will be hunting for more!

I thought from looking at pictures of the Bronzer that it would compare to the likes of Benefit's Hoola or NARS Laguna but found that it is a very different bronzer. It has shimmer and reminds me of a highlighting type of bronzer. Rather than use this to contour, you would put this on top of the cheek bones or elsewhere you would want to highlight.

Purchased from Christina: 

I finally got my first Naked palette! (Woohoo!) The funny thing is I've already purchased two Naked Original palettes as gift for other people. I've been eyeing both palettes for myself for awhile but couldn't justify the purchase. I lusted for it, but didn't need it. When browsing through Christina's blog sale, I saw this which was discounted a good $15 off the normal retail price, and bit the bullet. (I mean, what an awesome deal, right?? riiiighhhht??) There was a slight delay with the shipment (which was the mishap I was referring to) but it was quickly resolved and to top it off Christina threw in some extra goodies as well as writing a heartfelt note! (It really made me smile Christina, sounds cheesy but ya know! haha) Anyways when I received this bad boy, it felt like Christmas! After wanting it for a year and a half I finally got my first one! I could't even tell it had been used at all! It was new enough for me!

(one long paragraph essay later...)

Anywaaaay that's what I got on my first round of blog shopping. I think I will begin doing more of my shopping this way! What awesome blog sale goodies have ya'll gotten recently? Lemme know! <3

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My First Guest Post!

I completely and shamelessly (or shamefully?) forgot another post I needed (ok not needed) to put up...which has been my first guest post ever!

Christina who runs the blog, MSodapop gave me the wonderful opportunity to post my first guest post! You can check it out HERE! In the post you can learn about some of my favorite brands as well as my review on my current favorite daytime moisturizer, ACURE's Oil Control Day Cream.

In my review itself, I was a little iffy about the moisturizer, but since the post from August 6th, I have fallen in love with it! It is a fantastic moisturizer in balancing my oil production. It doesn't make my face matte, but my skin isn't as oily that's for sure!

Be sure to check out Christina's blog!

So much for my hiatus huh? <3

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Christmas in July! (Or August!)

(I am soooo LATE on this post haha)

Awhile back I signed up for a Xmas in July Beauty swap. You can refer to the post here. The swap itself was hosted by Beast and Beauty.

Anyhoo, I was paired up with Chelsea from Confessions of a Beauty Addict. (Sorry for the late post Chelsea!) and she got me some lovely goodies from Australia! Lets begin shall we?

L: Face of Australia in Forbidden Fruit / R: Bourjois in Sweet Kiss

L: Australis HD Blush in in Shoot To Thrill / R: Face of Australia Blush in Nutmeg

Australis Lip & Cheek Tint in Renaissance Red and Portrait Pink

I absolutely adore the package she sent me! I told her I love bright pinks and reds and that is exactly what I got. I've never tried any of the brands above and am super excited! (The point of the swap haha!). 

I love both the blushes.... Shoot to Thrill looks matte but actually has the slightest shimmer that looks lovely. Not glittery at all. And nutmeg has this apricot champagne color that looks like a highlighter, blush and bronzer combined. A shame summer will be ending soon! Must wear this color as much as possible!

My only issue has been with the Australis Lip & Cheek Tint. No matter how many times I click, the product doesn't come out! D: I'm not sure if it has dried out in the shipping process but I'm gonna give another go at getting the product out another time. If I can I will do a separate post on it!

I loved this swap and loved who I was partnered with. Be sure to check out Chelsea's blog. You can also see what goodies I got her here.

**Side note**

If you read my previous post you may be wondering why I suddenly decided to post.
A. To get this way behind procrastinated post out there!
B. To somewhat distract me and motivate me

Who else did this swap? What awesome goodies did you get?
Take care! XO <3 


Yeah sorry for the lack of posts or responses. I was hesitant to even post this. But I might as well. I've been absent due to going through a breakup. I'm fine for the most part. But yeah. Im not exactly up for blogging at the moment. I will post again as soon as Im up to it. (And respond to comments then as well). I'll still browse blogs here and there. Til then!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Currently In My Life...

I haven't been wearing makeup really the past month. I've wanting to wear less makeup to give my skin a break. At first it was so hard, but now I've gotten used to it and for the life of me can't be bothered to wear any! As a result I haven't purchased anything which means I save moolah and my skin is in much better condition! That being said, I am try to not let myself go and have spent more time on my day to day outfits. What's the point of this blog if I don't do any beauty posts right? I need something to reignite my love for makeup!

So I thought I'd share what I've been doing on spare time. I've recently discovered Roms to play games, and have a Gameboy Advance Rom to play Pokemon! I know, I need to get a life. I also have a couple game apps that I play on my iPhone, and have recently become addicted to Reddit. I know, I seriously need a life. But I swear I have one! I go to work, do hot yoga, cook as much as I can, and will be trying Crossfit in a couple weeks! So excited! But yeah, I currently lack a social life is all. Sorry to my friends in real life!

oh yeahhhh

The games I've been obsessing over on my phone -___-

I'm sure you've already seen this meme, but gah I found it hilarious!