Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mac 217 Versus Sephora Oval Blending Brush

 Awhile back...oh I want to say 2 months ago ish I got the Sephora Oval Blending brush which I thought would be very comparable to the famous MAC 217. And it is....I never loved the MAC 217 like (mostly) everyone does but when I discovered this brush....I fell for it on "Holy Grail" status for brushes. Before I go into what I love about it I should probably show you some pics comparing the two, shouldn't I?

From a distance these brushes look almost identical 

Left: MAC 217 / Right: Sephora Oval Blending / Top pic: Face on / Bottom Pic: Side View
Close up you can see they have a very different shape

L: MAC 217 / R: Sephora Oval Blending Brush

The reason why I love the Sephora Oval Blending Brush so much as well as more than the MAC 217 is because of the shape.

The MAC 217 is shorter, rounder, and fluffier which doesn't apply well to the crease of my hooded eyes while the Sephora Oval Blending is slightly longer, narrower, and desnser  and applies superbly into my crease. I imagine it would apply just as easily to other eye shapes than just hooded eyes. It just fits so damn perfectly.

Other things to note:
Both are made with goat hair.
The MAC 217 retails for $22.50
the Sephora one retails for $20.
Not much of a price difference.

That being said I just checked Sephora's website and it looks like they've changed the name and look of the brush to Sephora Pro Blending brush #27. Crap. You can find it here. I will be planning on picking up a second one anyways so I will let you guys know if it's any different from the original one! Damnit Sephora!

Overall love the brush and if you had any issues with the 217 I definitely recommend the Sephora Oval blending one AKA the #27.


  1. I honestly haven't bought a new blush brush in so long so this is a great post for me!

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  2. They do seem very similar from a distance :) I've never tried MAC brushes but I do have a couple of Sephora brushes that I love! X

    1. I love some of my MAC brushes, but some I do think there are better ones for around the same price. I think I may love some Sephora ones more like this one...

  3. great review! xx


  4. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


  5. Great review!!

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  6. thanks for the review! I've been thinking about getting the MAC 217 I'm gonna check out the Sephora one in store

  7. Never tried the Sephora one but I have 3 of the 217s. AMAZING!