Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Dior New Look

Before I say anything further I would like to clarify  I am not a fashion blogger and while I have my own sense of style, I am not always up to date on fashion. That being said, I went to this event and had so much fun, fashion sense or none! 

My friend, I'll refer to as Ms. Ballin' invited me to the Vintage Dior New Look Event and I was like, "sure why not?" I decided to go to Goodwill nearby my place and picked up a Vintage dress and some heels to boot (I'm making puns here...I know). The day of the event I head over to Ms. Ballin's apt, we got ready, ate some hotpot (which was frickin' delicious!), and headed out.

First awesome point of last nights event: It was free. No cover charge or nothing, No RSVPness. None of it. FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE. AND I LOVE FREE.

Second awesome point: The Venue. The Factory and Code Salon held the event. The Factory is an independent fashion store where they apparently sew the clothes in store according to their Yelp site. Though definitely out of my budget, the clothes certainly were high quality. (I feel like an ass for not taking pictures of their clothing!) 
Code Salon is just as luxurious and their Yelp reviewers love the place! (If you can't tell I feel Yelp is very reliable) I also am assuming the salon did the models hair (maybe, maybe not?? Please clarify if that is not the case) and each models hair looked perfect!

Third awesome point: The show. This place was cramped so it was a bit hard to actually see the show. However, when we did a decent spot in the crowd I couldn't help but love every piece I saw. I feel I can't be critical due to the sweat, tears, and blood put into the designs and makings of such. Maybe I'm exaggerating from watching too much Project Runway but I digress. Anyhow, all the pieces I saw and photographed were lovely as you will see below! 

Some minor points worth noting as well: Everyone attending was dressed chic and stylish /  there was plenty of complimentary champagne / and Ms. Ballin' and I got invited to another event this Saturday called The Beauty Expo, I shall keep you updated on that!

 And I think that covers everything!
I apologize for the blurry photos!

Left: What I wore / Right: What Ms. Ballin wore


  1. awww, thank you, that really makes me feel comfortable that i shared some personal info.
    i think if people really want to know you, gotta dig deep!
    I'm definitely following you, i love your cute posts, and your very informative :)

  2. You looked stunning, I love the fashion show.
    Thank you for the follow, I followed you back.

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