Monday, May 7, 2012

Real Technique's Haul and Review

I have been wanting to purchase the Real Techniques brushes for sometime but wanted to purchase all of them at the same time as Ulta frequently has buy one get one half off deals for these brushes. However they would almost always be sold out of ones I wanted to try. SO, as soon as I saw that they were having another special I snagged all the ones I've had on my wish list! The deal is going on now and if you purchase over $60 they usually (if always...) have a $10 off coupon. I got everything below including the clear mascara for roughly $50 with California sales tax!

These brushes are AMAZING in quality and of the ones I have used, have done superbly in their descriptions as brushes. Several can be used multiple ways as well. They are OUTSTANDING and by far my favorite make up brushes purchase (both in regards to high end and drug store) 

From Left to right: Core Collection, Stippling brush, Blush brush,  Expert Face brush,  Setting brush,  and Starter Kit

Contour, Foundation, Detailer, Buffing

Of the four brushes I have only used the Contour and the Buffing brushes & I LOVE the two brushes so much. Incredibly soft brushes, they do EXACTLY what their descriptions say.

The Contour brush is also excellent for highlight and blush and though I have only used it with powder products, I imagine it would do a great job with cream and liquid products as well.

I have only used the Buffing brush with cream foundation (MAC Studio Tech) and it blends away so effortlessly. It takes me 2 minutes tops to apply and blend my foundation. I also like using this to set powder and blend away any harsh edges such as too much blush.


I find this brush looks a bit awkward (it reminds me of a pinecone), but once again it is a great brush for what it does. It picks up the perfect amount of blush and applies it ever so lightly. The brush itself is rather large and you could use it for setting powder and blending but I would not recommend it for contour or highlight.


If I were to only use ONE brush out of all the ones purchased, this would be that brush. The Stippling brush was one I purchased awhile back (my first of the collection) and loved it so much that I had to pick up another one with this purchase.

It is great to apply foundation and blend (maybe not as effortless as the buffing brush but still VERY easy to use), EXCELLENT with applying the PERFECT frickin' amount of blush and can be used to set powder as well. Hands down, my favorite brush. EVER.


This brush is a lot smaller than I had been expecting and I have not used it yet. I feel like it would be great for setting powder under the eyes but it is a bit too small for the whole face. The description on Ulta's page says it can be used as a highlighter brush and I imagine it could be. This is probably a brush I could live without.

Expert Face

Probably my second favorite brush of the collection and very comparable to the Buffing brush. Applies foundation beautifully and quickly, can apply blush (with a light hand and not as easy as the stippling, but still easy enough), and can set powder.

If you can't already tell, I'm pretty big on brushes that has multiple purposes.

Deluxe Crease, Base Shadow, Accent, Pixel Point Eyeliner, Brow

Of the Starter Kit I have only used the Deluxe Crease and Base Shadow brushes. Both work great together in applying and blending colors and feel so soft against the lids. Great if you have sensitive eyes and find real hair brushes to be a little scratchy at times. I find they work just as well if not better than using a MAC 217 and 224 together.

Comparison of the Expert Face and Buffing with the Expert Face much more denser
Difference in the ends of the handles with the Expert Face being easily able to stand on it's own 

Another thing to note, in regards to the handles, at first I thought the ones where the handles bowed out at the end allowing it to stand on it's own were going to annoy me. They have not and at times I rather find it convenient. Definitely recommend these brushes to those either starting to dabble in make up or those who already have an ever expanding collection. You won't regret it! 

Overall rating: 5 stars *****


  1. They are such gorgeous brushes :) I started off with the blush brush and now have the powder, stippling and core collection. I've not seen the expert face brush or setting brush before in shops, very interesting! x

  2. Ooo those are the Samantha Chapman brushes from Pixiwoo. I love those girls! The most talented makeup gurus on YT, IMO. Sam has a ton of videos where she's using those. I want them now... lol
    Nestled in Nostalgia