Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I love paid holidays, don't you?

Anyhoo, my weekend started Saturday night when Ms. Ballin' and I went to The Beauty Expo courtesy of Owen Geronimo whom we met at the Dior Fashion show-thingy (aren't I descriptive??). Owen has an impressive background in the fashion industry being the founder of San Francisco Fashion Week. However when I was trying to find more information in regards to this, it seems SF Fashion Weeks Webiste is a bit outdated as everything there as well as a linked site is for 2011...

But I digress.

Moving on to The Beauty Expo:

Where it was held: Pigment Cosmetics. Right by Embarcadero and the beginning of Market Street, Pigment appears to mainly be sold for makeup artists, stylists, and other professionals of the sort. That being said I believe you can purchase their products as an individual as well (Or at least through their site you can). I couldn't sample any of their make up (as the store front was closed) but I did see some of it. The packaging reminds me of Makeup Forever and Smashbox....I shall go back one day and let you know what I think.

What was going on at The Beauty Expo: So I lost the schedule with the detailed description for the event so I will have to give you my summary! The event started at 6 p.m. but we didn't show up til 7. The venue though smaller in comparison to the Dior event, was still packed. We grabbed some snacks and drinks, went to the Main room where everyone else was, and watched various models get their hair and makeup done. Now that might sound boring, but to add a little spice to it, they made the whole thing a competition! (Unfortunately we had to leave early so we didn't see who won).

About 30 minutes after we got there they had an intermission (of some sort), so we went to the back room to check out the booths that were set up with miscellaneous beauty and fashion related items. There was one booth I fell in love with. Bachman's Sparrow. This little shop is run by a one woman team named Maria who is simply darling! She makes her own bath bombs (which come in the shape of sparrow), lip balms, and scarves. And let me just tell you, those bath balms smell divine! I picked up Lavender Lemon, Grapefruit Floral, and Bergamot Patchouli at $5 a pop.

After Intermission they continued with the competition. Unfortunately as we left early we don't know who won! We proceeded to then headed back to Ms. Ballin's place and on the way went to eat at my favorite 24 hour dive in the Castro (the only one there is) Orphan Andy's!

Here's the remaining pics :)

Ms. Ballin' and I

Orphan Andy's :D Omelette & Home Fries

Wella Goody Bag!

And now you get to see adorable pics of my cat who is cuddling with me as I post this ;P

That was my Saturday evening, Sunday was a relaxing day and today will be filled with cleaning and laundry! My kinda Memorial Day weekend! Hope you all had a good one too! <3