Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I really really really REALLZZY hate them (yes hate is a strong word I know). And for as many blogs I follow and like to comment on it get's pretty annoying after refreshing it 5x and still unable to decipher what the text is

what the eff is that??

Completely unrelated post to beauty or fashion I know but I really wanted NEED to vent my frustration with them. 

/end rant

CVS Haul

I've been really into purchasing drugstore makeup lately. Specifically two colors have been standing out to me for the summer, various shades of teal and coral... as you can see below!

 Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal. 

Absolutely love this! I use it was base and apply eyeshadow on top.

 Revlon Photo Ready Blush (cream) in Coral Reef. This was the LAST one from the collection at CVS. I recently went back and they are STILL sold out. Luckily this was the #1 shade I wanted! It looks more orange in the pic but when I apply it it almost looks more peach. Love it!

 Milani Liquifeye Liner in 01 Black and 04 Aqua

Essie 'Meet me at Sunset' and 'Trophy Wife'

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I love paid holidays, don't you?

Anyhoo, my weekend started Saturday night when Ms. Ballin' and I went to The Beauty Expo courtesy of Owen Geronimo whom we met at the Dior Fashion show-thingy (aren't I descriptive??). Owen has an impressive background in the fashion industry being the founder of San Francisco Fashion Week. However when I was trying to find more information in regards to this, it seems SF Fashion Weeks Webiste is a bit outdated as everything there as well as a linked site is for 2011...

But I digress.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Vintage Dior New Look

Before I say anything further I would like to clarify  I am not a fashion blogger and while I have my own sense of style, I am not always up to date on fashion. That being said, I went to this event and had so much fun, fashion sense or none! 

My friend, I'll refer to as Ms. Ballin' invited me to the Vintage Dior New Look Event and I was like, "sure why not?" I decided to go to Goodwill nearby my place and picked up a Vintage dress and some heels to boot (I'm making puns here...I know). The day of the event I head over to Ms. Ballin's apt, we got ready, ate some hotpot (which was frickin' delicious!), and headed out.

First awesome point of last nights event: It was free. No cover charge or nothing, No RSVPness. None of it. FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE. AND I LOVE FREE.

Second awesome point: The Venue. The Factory and Code Salon held the event. The Factory is an independent fashion store where they apparently sew the clothes in store according to their Yelp site. Though definitely out of my budget, the clothes certainly were high quality. (I feel like an ass for not taking pictures of their clothing!) 
Code Salon is just as luxurious and their Yelp reviewers love the place! (If you can't tell I feel Yelp is very reliable) I also am assuming the salon did the models hair (maybe, maybe not?? Please clarify if that is not the case) and each models hair looked perfect!

Third awesome point: The show. This place was cramped so it was a bit hard to actually see the show. However, when we did a decent spot in the crowd I couldn't help but love every piece I saw. I feel I can't be critical due to the sweat, tears, and blood put into the designs and makings of such. Maybe I'm exaggerating from watching too much Project Runway but I digress. Anyhow, all the pieces I saw and photographed were lovely as you will see below! 

Some minor points worth noting as well: Everyone attending was dressed chic and stylish /  there was plenty of complimentary champagne / and Ms. Ballin' and I got invited to another event this Saturday called The Beauty Expo, I shall keep you updated on that!

 And I think that covers everything!
I apologize for the blurry photos!

Left: What I wore / Right: What Ms. Ballin wore

Thursday, May 24, 2012

NYX Haul

A couple of weeks ago had their annual 40% off NYX cosmetics sale. And the 40% applied to ALL of their NYX products. And Cherryculture has it all! I placed my order the first day of the sale, prior to even getting the notification email about it and everyone and their mother was trying to get on that sale as well. When I first visited the site I couldn't even access it due to the heavy traffic and when I revisited about 10 minutes later, a good chunk of their inventory was already sold out! That being said I was able to grab a few goodies as listed below. Even though the sale has since ended I definitely recommend checking out their site as they sell NYX for really REALLY cheap and also have sales regularly!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Momma's Day

Had a wonderful Mother's Day with Mother and Co. And by Co. I mean my baby brother who isn't so much a baby anymore! Had Dim Sum and saw Dark Shadows! :D

Monday, May 7, 2012

Real Technique's Haul and Review

I have been wanting to purchase the Real Techniques brushes for sometime but wanted to purchase all of them at the same time as Ulta frequently has buy one get one half off deals for these brushes. However they would almost always be sold out of ones I wanted to try. SO, as soon as I saw that they were having another special I snagged all the ones I've had on my wish list! The deal is going on now and if you purchase over $60 they usually (if always...) have a $10 off coupon. I got everything below including the clear mascara for roughly $50 with California sales tax!

These brushes are AMAZING in quality and of the ones I have used, have done superbly in their descriptions as brushes. Several can be used multiple ways as well. They are OUTSTANDING and by far my favorite make up brushes purchase (both in regards to high end and drug store) 

From Left to right: Core Collection, Stippling brush, Blush brush,  Expert Face brush,  Setting brush,  and Starter Kit

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Such a damn good book. The second book part of a trilogy, following Divergent, I could not stop reading this book, I stayed up all night finishing it. Go read it now....after Divergent at least. Great review can be found at Forever Young Adult

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Drugstore, Mac, Makeup Forever Haul

Purchases from the past week: drugstore, Mac, and Makeup Forever

Wet n Wild Nutty: ($2) I've been wanting this shade for awhile. Beautiful, pigmented, shimmery,  brown taupe color